Friday, December 31, 2010


I just decided yesterday that I'm going to buy a new computer before I leave.  Initially I wasn't going to.  I figured my old one was only two years old and might last the two and a half years.  But then yesterday I realized my computer is more like three years old and I just don't want to take my chances.  I don't think it would be wise to try to have one shipped to me if my old one dies, because it may never make it to Uganda.  I've been in this situation before and I didn't make the right choice.  When I studied abroad in London, I thought about getting a new computer before I left (my computer at the time was three years old).  I decided that my computer would last the three months and then the hard drive started failing less than a month in.  It ended up being a huge hassle getting a new one shipped to me.  It kind of kills me to get a new one when my old one is working okay, but I'm not making the wrong decision twice.

I decided on a Dell Inspiron 15R (I know...I can't get away from them Inspirons).  It has an Intel Core i3-370M processor, 3GB of ram, 320GB hard drive, 15.6 inch screen, integrated 1.3M pixel webcam, and 6-cell lithium battery.  I think the biggest reason I keep getting Inspirons is because they are inexpensive but still good quality.  I don't need a fancy, expensive computer, because I don't do a whole lot on it.  It's supposed to ship out next week, so I can get everything set on it the way I want well before I leave.  

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