Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little More Information

So here is a link to my online welcome book.  It has a lot of information in it about the people and the culture in Uganda.  It also has some really good references.

As for my assignment, I don't have a whole lot of information yet.  I was told that I will be in Secondary Education.  Yes, I have no experience teaching, but I will be teaching.  When I leave on February 9th, I start with staging, which will be in a city in the U.S. which has yet to be determined.  I should find out in the next month.  Odds are it will be in Philadelphia, which is not all that exciting.  Most of their stagings are in Philadelphia.  Staging is for about 2-3 days, then we leave for Uganda as a group.  Once we get there, we do three months of training.  While in training, I will be staying with a host family.  I will be learning the language, the culture and some technical skills, like how to teach a classroom.  After training is complete I will get sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer and I will be sent to my site.  My site and my exact assignment won't be determined until most of the way through in-country training.

For now, I'm making my packing list and I'm looking into buying things that I will need.  I'm looking at it as a two year long exotic camping trip.  Apparently, as a Peace Corps Volunteer, I can get discounts from a lot of companies.  The only problem is some of them take a couple weeks to process.  Before I know it I will be out of time.  I'm glad I started looking into all this now.

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  1. So I just saw the countdown thingy at the bottom and it says 44 days and I think I freaked out a little. BTW love the additions to the page layout it looks super cute and super appropriate because obviously you picked giraffes. Miss you and prob will be calling you later
    <3 Jules