Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So, Olivia is my dog (if you couldn't have guessed).  We just got her last October.  She is a six-year-old mini Daschund and she only weighs 7 pounds.  She is my baby.  In fact, I think she thinks her name is Baby, because I call her that all the time.  She responds to Baby more than to Olivia (and on top of that my parents call her Peanut).  I've already told people that I'm gonna miss her when I leave more than I miss certain people.  She is always happy to see me when I come home from work everyday (even if she is nipping at my fingers for attention) and she sleeps in my bed every night (she loves burrowing under the covers, in a little ball, right up against me).  Apparently, (according to my mom) when I'm not home, she sometimes sits and looks at my high school graduation picture on the wall.  Everyone keeps asking me what she is going to do without me and that she's gonna miss me so much.  My mom has even told me that I should take her with me.  My response was that I don't know if Uganda is a country where the people eat dogs...haha (wish I could take Baby with me, but the Peace Corps won't allow it).


  1. I have a dog who I'm gonna miss more than anything too - it's not going to be a fun adjustment. Is Olivia staying with your parents? My mom has told me that when I'm gone for a night or a weekend, my dog (Scarlet) will just sleep in the laundry room by the back door waiting for me the entire time :( i hope she doesn't do that the entire two years!
    This will hopefully be our welcome home :) http://isupportourveterans.com/dog-welcomes-his-soldier/

  2. Yeah, she is staying with my parents while I'm gone. That video was so cute!

  3. Now my mom is joking about putting her in a box and shipping her to me!! AHH!!