Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I've obviously been preparing for the past month now.  I still feel totally overwhelmed with trying to organize myself and trying to see everybody before I leave.  My packing list has been constantly altered based on items I've been buying and information I've been getting from some of those in Uganda already (other PCVs).  They all seem very excited for us to get there.  I've also been talking to a lot of other soon to be PCVs that I will meet at staging on the 8th.  Everything just seems to be happening so fast.  But for now I will leave you with a couple fun facts:

The Ugandan flag...The flag features black, yellow and red stripes.  The black stands for the people of Africa.  The yellow stands for the sunshine.  And the red represents blood because it is believed by some that all Africans are connected by blood, like a brotherhood.  The bird on the flag is the grey crowned crane, which actually comes in two varieties, the South African Crane and the East African Crane, both of which can be found in Uganda. (this post is credited to Julie's nerdiness)

Philadelphia is exactly 7142 miles from Kampala...Check it out 


  1. Love my nerdiness...speaking of I need to send you more facts :D

  2. Nothing about nerdiness .... the world is getting smaller as we are able to travel and learn about so many wonderful places .... and multi-culturalism being something for all peoples to know about
    the (not nerdy) librarian (Jul's mom)