Thursday, February 10, 2011


It is almost 1:30 in the morning and we are getting up and getting ready to go.  I really didn't sleep that much last night, but I guess I'll sleep on the way.  We are checking out at 2 and then we should be on our way to New York by 3 at the latest.  None of the Peace Corps staff is coming with us to the airport, so we are all on our own after this.  Luckily our bags will be checked straight through to Entebbe.  We will need to change in Jo'burg into appropriate clothing, but for now we can wear whatever we want.  We won't be arriving in Uganda until 7:05 PM (Uganda time) Friday February 11th.  That is about 11 AM Eastern time.  I will probably be out of touch for about 2 weeks because we will be on stead fast due to the upcoming national elections in Uganda.  After that I hope to get a cell phone in Kampala.  Until then...

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