Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 11, 2011 10:30PM (in Uganda)

So, We Have Arrived!!  Our plane landed in Entebbe a little before 7PM today.  I could tell this country was beautiful from the moment we landed as we flew in over Lake Victoria at sunset.  It is really humid here.  It is like Philadelphia in the summertime.  After we went through customs and got our bags, we were greeted by the Peace Corps Uganda director, Ted Mooney, and other staff members who got our stuff in the jeeps and got all of us on buses.  We then rode about a half hour to our training center.  It was interesting to see people walking around, riding bikes and running businesses (even though it was after dark at that point).  I noticed that there were no traffic lights in our entire ride (I guess that’s why it went so fast).  After we got here, we got our bags, picked roommates and picked rooms.  Kelsey and I decided to room together again.  We ended up with the last room at the end of the hall on the first floor.  The girls are on the first floor and the guys are on the second floor.  After dropping our stuff we went to have dinner, where we were introduced to the whole staff.  During dinner, we were given medical surveys to fill out before we meet with the medical staff tomorrow.  We were also given a lot of information to promote good health and prevent illness.  After dinner, I went back to my room, organized some of my stuff and took a hot shower.  Yes, we have hot water.  We also have electricity, which only went out once during dinner.  Breakfast tomorrow starts at 7, so I’ll probably go to bed soon.  So far, Uganda seems to be a very interesting very hot place.

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