Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 11, 2011 12PM (in Johannesburg)

Right now I’m in the Johannesburg airport.  As we got off our plane we noticed that we were greeted by some sweet 90’s jams.  It’s kinda sad that I was more comfortable on the floor here than on my 15 hour flight.  I did sleep on the plane but it was very in and out.  I watched a few movies, but slept through part of them.  Right now I’m waiting for my next flight to Entebbe.  We should start boarding in about an hour.  I still need to get changed into appropriate clothing to arrive in.  It must be amusing to see us all in the airport waiting, because we all congregate in an isolated area and we have luggage everywhere.  We did the same thing in New York, but I think more people here are staring at us.  In total, this journey will end up taking about 36 hours from our hotel in Philly to the training center in Uganda.  Right now I think we are on hour 25 of this trip.  I can’t wait to just get there…I just want to sleep.

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