Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 20, 2011 9:10 PM

So today was the most exciting day we’ve had here so far.  We got out language assignments today right before dinner.  I’m speaking Runyankore, which is spoken in the southwest of Uganda.  I’m going to be in the region right near Queen Elizabeth National Park.  It was crazy when we got our language groups.  I compared it to an experience I had this morning on my way to breakfast.  We were walking from the dorm to the dining room and there was this crazy line of ants marching in the grass.  They were all going to same direction.  Then Max (one of my fellow PCTs) put a piece of banana in the middle of them and they went nuts.  It was utter chaos.  This is what I think Peace Corps staff saw today with all of us.  First we wanted to know what language.  Then we wanted to know who we were going to be near.  And then finally we wanted to know what region of the country we would be in.  And we go about all this in utter chaos.  I’m in a group with Ryan and Emily (the married couple), Silos, and Bailey.  I’m really happy with my group.  I feel like they will be a good combination to learn a language with.

We are supposed to be going to homestays on Friday.  I haven’t heard much about whether that is happening or not.  Museveni has officially won the election and I haven’t heard of any issues, so hopefully we will be going as planned.

Since I’ve been here I’ve kind of become a vegetarian.  I don’t like the meat here at all. It is really boney and fatty.  After about three days, I stopped eating it.  I did however eat meat today because we got ground beef to make our Italian lunch, which was amazing.  But I don’t think I’m going to be eating too much true Ugandan meat, unless I have to.

I just got a phone yesterday.  Feel free to call me.  My number is 011256791678478 (that is the country code and all…just type in those exact numbers).  You will need a calling card, but if you call me it doesn’t cost me anything.  I bought about an hour’s worth of minutes and I’ve used pretty much all of them already.  Luckily you can buy minutes anywhere.

I’ve already gotten some weird tans.  I’ve been getting a lot of sun just from walking around and hanging out.  My sandals make weird tan lines as well as my clothes, but it is really nice to sit outside.

We watched another good movie the other night that I would recommend if you are interested in the war in the north of Uganda.  It is called “War Dance”.  It was really interesting because some of us going to be working in the post-conflict areas.

We basically had this weekend off.  Each of our mentor groups had to cook one meal.  So we cooked for ourselves lunch and dinner yesterday and today.  I had lunch today and we made Italian.  It was amazing and it was nice to not be eating the same thing every day.  You should see how and where they prepare our meals.  It is basically cooking on some gas powered burners and mostly charcoal outside.  It was awesome what we were able to cook in such an environment.  Other than that, we had the weekend off.  It got kind of boring sometimes.  We did a lot of sitting outside, watching the monkeys play, walked to the store, reading and playing a lot of card games.  It was nice to be a little lazy but I’m definitely ready to get back to classes tomorrow.

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