Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 27, 2011 11 AM

The way they eat here is so different than it is back home.  For dinner last night, my host mom gave me bananas and beans.  In the U.S. we would probably consider a balanced meal to be a meat (or fish), a starch and a vegetable.  In Uganda, a balanced meal is food and sauce.  Food would be something like bananas and sauce would be something like beans.  The bananas I had last night were different.  They were cooked and cut long ways.  They were sweet unlike matooke.  I still don’t know if I liked them or not, but they were better with the beans than by themselves. 

I think I’ve kind of figured out this living situation.  I think her one son lives here with her and the other son does not.  It doesn’t look like the two girls that work for her live here. 

I slept pretty good last night until 4:30 when the rooster started.  He didn’t stop until after 7.  I’ll have to get used to that.

The view from where I live is amazing.  The tar mac seems to be in a valley and we live up on one of the hills.  You can see all the houses on the other side.

This morning I had the best meal since I’ve been here.  Unlike with lunch and dinner, Ugandans see breakfast much like Americans do.  I had two eggs with onions, tomato and green pepper and two pieces of bread with butter.  My host mom bought me chocolate drink (which is much like hot chocolate).  And I made this meal myself.  My host mom wanted to make sure my eggs were cooked the way I wanted so she had me make them myself.


  1. What is matooke? Is it a vegtable? Are you taking pictures of your amazing views? Can you post your pictures on your blog? This blog is very interesting. I feel like its gives us an insight into a culture so different from the U.S. Thanks for your postings.

  2. Matooke is what they called bananas, but they usually refer to them that way when they are mashed and cooked kind of like mashed potatoes. However I've heard them refer to plain bananas as matooke.