Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 10, 2011

My homestay is on a massive hill.  Coming home every day I have to climb up it and it just gets steeper and steeper.  My host mom tells me that I have no need for exercising, I just need to walk up the hill once a day and that is enough.  I really like my homestay.  I just wish it was closer to the training center.  Some people only walk about 5 minutes to get there and it takes me about 30.  However, I think the real challenge is on the days when I walk with Andrew (a PCT that lives a few houses up from me).  He walks so fast that I have trouble keeping up.  My host mom asks me why he "runs", although he is only walking fast not running.  But the Ugandans think I walk fast.

Teaching has been going okay.  The teacher I'm working with isn't the best.  He is really willing to work with me, but I feel like our lesson plans are a little incomplete and too short for the allotted time.  I just can't wait until next week is over.  Everyone is really excited for language immersion.

Hopefully I'll upload some pictures soon.  I haven't gotten them on my computer yet.


  1. hi jen, love your blog // r u south of kampala? or near a main rd? is 'nazibba' your hill? do ugandans use clocks? r there numbers and letters the same as ours?

  2. I'm Southwest of Kampala. If I go all the way down the hill I'll be at the tarmac (the main road). Nabizza/Sseguku is the town I live in. Ugandans do use clocks, but I think they are usually battery operated, because the power goes out so often. A lot of them just use their cell phone for the time. Their numbers and letters are the same as ours. In Runyankore they don't use the letters X, Q, and L. Although their R's often sound like L's.