Friday, March 25, 2011

March 20, 2011

We left for language immersion today.  Finally!!  We had to go to Kampala to get a bus to Ibanda.  From the time the bus actually left until the time we arrived was 6 ½ hours.  We waited about 45 minutes for the bus to fill up and then we left.  While waiting, there were constantly people trying to sell us stuff.  Anything from food to drinks to sunglasses and watches.  Every time the bus stopped, these people would run up to it and try to sell us stuff.  Towards the end of the trip there was a woman selling bananas.  Emily was interested in buying some, so because I had the window seat, I asked how much they were (in Runyankore, of course).  She responded in English saying 3000 shillings.  Emily and I were trying to figure out how many bananas we were getting.  In the process of discussing, the price magically went down to 2000.  So Emily decided to buy them not even knowing how many she was getting.  She ended up with the entire bunch of bananas which was about 20 bananas.  Apparently our strategy of bargaining was not the best.  Bernard, our language trainer, told us we could have gotten them for 1500.
Ibanda is a nice little town.  We’ve noticed a lot of seamstresses, so we want to try to get dresses made before we leave.  We may actually be able to fit it into the program because we need to bargain for fabric and then bargain with the seamstress.  Tonight we had a pretty chill night of playing games.  Right before bed I was going to take a shower and it seems as though the water is out.  I guess I will be showering in the morning.  That’s okay though because there is no light in the bathroom and it’s dark out.


  1. Jen is this a picture of your host mom's house or the training center. I love seeing yor pictures!!!

  2. This is a picture of some of the scenery in Ibanda