Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

I taught my first class today!!  I was co-teaching an S1 Math class.  The Ugandan teacher introduced the topic of numbers and then went over addition and I had to go over subtraction (yes, they learn addition and subtraction in Secondary school).  Sounds easy...It isn't.  The teacher didn't collaborate with me much before we went in.  He basically threw me his notes and what he wanted me to cover.  So I had problems I needed to go over that I had never looked at before and I had to solve them as I went in my head.  That's what I call an on the fly lesson.  I still have 5 more lessons to co-teach this week and then next we I will be solo teaching probably 4 or 5 lessons.  Needless to say, I can't wait for next week to be over.

Things here have been hectic.  We have been having 12 hour days about 5 days a week and then we have a half day on Saturday.  On Sundays I need to do laundry and catch up on other things.  So I don't really ever get time off.  And when I do have time off I feel obligated to spend time with my homestay family.  Its kind of rough right now, but everyone here is really helpful and I just have to make it through training.

I got to talk to Julie, Jamie, Joey and Kevin yesterday.  I finally got through!  It only took two weeks.  It was nice talking to them, but I had to cut it a little short.  It was time for dinner and I think I held up dinner a little because I was on the phone.


  1. Tell your Ugandan mom (whom I will now call your mamandan I am sorry I made you late for dinner! It was so nice to hear your voice! miss you tons! I am watching anthony bourdain right now (and he is visiting cambodia) it is making me excited for our trip in the future :) Are these the monkeys you have been seeing?
    They have blue testicles so Im assuming those are probably correct ones LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU

  2. Student teaching sounds like it is challenging but I am sure you are up for the challenge. I am sure life will not be always as crazy, busy when you complete training. We all miss you but you seem to be in the right place. Talk to ya on Sun. luv ya.