Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011 11 AM

I got back from Kinoni last night.  We had quite the adventure getting back.  I got a ride to Mbarara from the people I was staying with and I met up with Emily and Ryan.  Bailey and Galen met us a little while later.  The restaurant that we were going to get lunch at didn’t have much food that we wanted ready so we ended up at a different restaurant.  After looking at the menu for a few minutes, we tried to order and we were told that power was out and we couldn’t get what we really wanted (which was pizza).  I ended up with a burger and I was very pleased, but some of us weren’t as happy.  The food took about an hour and a half to get (it was good but not that good).  We ended up finally getting on a bus at 2 o’clock, which was later than we intended.  The bus was not nearly full and it didn’t actually leave for two hours.  Every so often they would fake us out and drive a few hundred feet or so to try and get more passengers.  So we finally got going at about 4.  Along the way, the bus makes many stops.  At one of these stops a fight seemed to be starting right outside our window.  Apparently, the conductor was fighting with a taxi over a customer.  I’m still not quite sure how that ended.  We realized that we would be getting in well after dark, so Emily and Ryan called their host family and asked them if they could come pick us up in Kampala.  They said they could pick us, but asked if we could get off at a stage outside Kampala.  After inquiring a little, we thought we had figured out where to get off only to later find out that we were not passing that stage.  After some debate and their host dad talking on the phone to the conductor, we got off the bus and soon found their host dad who was kind enough to give all five of us a ride home.  I didn’t arrive until after nine, at which point I bathed, ate and went to bed.  What a day!

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