Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011 10:00 PM

We have officially left our homestays!!  We were taken this morning to our hotel right outside Kampala, where we should be staying until Friday.  When we arrived we got the amazing task of unloading the truck full of all our luggage and then getting it all into our rooms.  I’ve realized that I have way too much stuff.  But our hotel is awesome.  I have not seen any place so amazing here yet.  We even have a pool. 

So we were supposed to go to Kampala this afternoon and get lunch and go to the Peace Corps office, but there were some protests in Kampala and we were put on Stand Fast.  This is the best place to have a Stand Fast.  We have been just hanging out by the pool all day.  We have declared this to be Peace Corps Spring Break.  Thank you American tax payers!  We were told that everything is still on for tomorrow and we are going to the U.S. Embassy in the morning and then the Peace Corps office and shopping in the afternoon.  Honestly, most of us wanted to stay on Stand Fast tomorrow.

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