Monday, May 9, 2011

April 23, 2011 8:30 PM

Today was my first full day at site and it turned out to be a pretty good day.  I slept in this morning and I didn’t know what I was going to do, but at about noon my neighbor came over and told me that he was going into town (Mbarara, that is) and he wanted to know if I wanted to go with him so I could get some things I needed to cook and such.  I asked when he was going and he said in about 2 hours.  So I began to get ready but in no real hurry.  Luckily I did get ready, because 20 minutes later he came back and asked if I was ready to go.  So we dropped his wife off at the Saturday clothes market and then he took me to a store where I could purchase pots and pans and other necessary utensils.  I ended up getting 2 pots, an electric teapot (which they call a percolator), some cooking utensils and a cooler to put water in after I boil it.  He also took me to get a gas tank for my gas stove and to the supermarket to get some food for myself.  After we got back to Kinoni, he helped me hang my mosquito net and his son and him tried to get my gas stove working.  First, he had a problem with the tubing for the gas tank.  The one that I bought with the gas tank was too small for the fixture and then he got another one and it was too big.  So he fixed it up using both pieces of tubing, some duct tape and a pen.  Then even after it was all set up, it still wouldn’t work.  It turns out that the man who sold me the gas tank gave me a fixture that doesn’t work with my gas tank, so we have to go back.  Little by little I’m unpacking my stuff as best I can.  I think I will need a bit more furniture, because I don’t really have any place to put my clothes yet.  Luckily, my neighbors are very very nice and they cooked dinner for me because I have no way of cooking yet.  Although I feel like they’ve been trying to get me to eat all day and I’ve been declining.  One good thing is that they are not quite as pushy as most Ugandans when it comes to eating.  Dinner ended up being rather unusual.  Instead of just having me over to his house to eat with his family, he sent his daughter over to my house with food and then had her eat dinner with me.  It was kind of awkward because she seems quite shy and my neighbor told me that he didn’t know if she would be able to understand my accent.  Anyway, dinner was good and she didn’t stay long at all.  So far, I think I really like my site.  I am curious to see how things go for the next month while school is not in session.

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