Monday, May 9, 2011

April 23, 2011 8:45 AM

I’m finally staying in my own house!!  I made it to site yesterday after a long journey.  My counterpart did not bring a car so we had to take public transport back to Kinoni from the Ridar Hotel.  This made for quite an interesting trip.  I had 5 bags (2 of which were almost as big as me) and a bucket (that was filled with stuff).  Not only did this prove to be more than I can carry, I think it was more than both of us could carry.  So after breakfast, I got my stuff to the lobby of the hotel.  The Peace Corps was supposed to take those of us without private transport to the bus or taxi park.  After leaving late (8:45 instead of 8), we sat in traffic and finally got to the bus park at about 10.  From there I saw all of my belongings get put into a giant wooden wheel barrel and pushed around the streets of Kampala by a Ugandan man.  Oh, did I mention that it was raining.  So if this day couldn’t be any harder, it was raining.  It actually rained so heavily during the night that there were quite a few accidents on the road.  So the wheel barrel man pushed all my stuff to the bus. I really thought that something was going to fall out or he was going to tip it over and all my things would then be covered in the nasty mud that covers the streets of Kampala.  Luckily, nothing bad like that happened.  So, we got on the bus and by 10:30 we were leaving.  Whoever, decided that we should be traveling on Good Friday clearly didn’t think it through at all.  Travelling on Good Friday in Uganda is kind of like travelling on the day before Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Good Friday is a public holiday so everyone is travelling home for Easter.  Leaving Kampala we sat in about 3 hours of traffic.  All I wanted was for the bus to actually move, because it was so hot.  I can’t imagine what that ride would have been like if it hadn’t rained.  The rain cools everything off and it was already incredibly too hot and humid on that bus.  I think part of the problem was that a lot of the windows wouldn’t open because it was an old bus.  After we got out of the traffic jam, we moved pretty quickly, however the entire trip took us 8 and a half hours (from Kampala to Kinoni, not including our trip to Kampala) instead of 6 hours like it should have.  After we arrived in Mbarara, we got a private hire taxi and made our way to Kinoni.  When I arrived, I found that my house was still being worked on.  The electricity was only complete in one room and they were working on a second.  So even though I was exhausted, I could not just go right to bed.  They also had not gotten to the plumbing yet.  Until I get my toilet, I’m using a pit latrine that is behind my house.   I was a little encouraged though, because my headmaster told me that I would be able to stay in my house that night.  So we went back up to the school and had tea and watched some TV in the staff room.  After a while, they brought me back down to my house, because they were finished wiring my bedroom.  However, my bathroom would not be started on until Monday.  It doesn’t sound like I’m going to have a shower, but I will have a flushing toilet.  I prefer a hot bucket bath to a cold shower anyway.  Currently I have a kitchen table, about 6 chairs, a bed (with a mattress) and another smaller table (to use as a desk).  They are going to put some kind of shelves/counter in my kitchen for me, but I’m not sure when.  It sounds like they will give me almost anything I need for my house.  They already offered me dishes, utensils and cups.  So after coming back down to my house at about 9:30 last night, my neighbors (some of the other teachers) brought over dinner (for everyone).  So they kind of just invited themselves over for dinner.  I didn’t even really want to eat.  I just wanted to go to sleep.  They were still working on a way to lock my front door.  After I finally got them all to leave at about 11, I was able to take a bucket bath and go to bed

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