Monday, May 9, 2011

April 27, 2011 9:00 PM

It’s probably a little hard to understand what it’s like here right now.  I wake up every morning without any real purpose (which anyone who really knows me knows that that is almost impossible for me to handle).  And on top of it, I have no American friends around to hang out with or talk to.  Sure, my Ugandan neighbors are very nice and accommodating, but they don’t always understand me nor me them.  My favorite interaction here is with the old man who has been digging a hole for my septic system.  He speaks less English than I do Runyankore, yet I feel like sometimes I actually communicate with him best.  Maybe that is because I don’t always really want to interact with these people and with him I can’t really talk much past “Hello, how are you?”.  You may think from what I’ve been saying, that I’m bored and that the days go by very slowly.  But surprisingly, the days have been going by very quickly and even though all my neighbors insist that I’m bored (despite the fact that they have no real idea what I do every day), I’m not bored.  I’m just as shocked about this as anybody.

As the days go by, my house gets more and more finished…little by little.  Even though I don’t have any running water yet or a way to cook for myself, sometimes you just need to appreciate the little accomplishments.  It’s about picking one thing to finish everyday and doing it.  Today I was really accomplished.  I did most of my laundry and then I cleaned my floor.  My neighbor got me “carpet” when she went into town.  What they call carpet is actually just a plastic floor covering, but it’s definitely better than the cold concrete floor.  So when she came back from town, she helped me lay it in my bedroom.  The plumber also finally came today, however he just left his tools on my back porch and left.  I’m still wondering if this toilet will ever get put in.  This may not seem like much considering I have no real kitchen or bathroom yet, but it takes me just one step closer.

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