Monday, May 9, 2011

May 1, 2011 4:00 PM

So I just spent the weekend in Mbarara with a bunch of the other volunteers.  The volunteers who were already in this region organized it for us to celebrate us finally getting to site.  We had a lot of fun.  Yesterday we went to the pool at the Lake View Hotel.  Its crazy how much stronger the sun is here.  Quite a few people got burnt and I got a really good tan.  And today before we left we did a little shopping.  I got some things that will make it easier for me to cook, eat and clean (aka some more dishes, a pan, more utensils, ect.).  I was unable to get a new data card for my modem, because I didn’t realize that the Orange store was closed on Sundays.  So I will probably be going back to Mbarara sometime this week to figure that out and get a few other things that I need.  I got back to site at around mid-day and my bathroom is a lot closer to being done.  When I left on Friday they were digging ditches for the piping and smashing up concrete in my bathing area for my toilet.  Now it appears that the toilet is just about done, they put in a tap and a new drain.  They are not here working on it today because it is Sunday.  It doesn’t work yet because the pipes don’t look like they a hooked up to a water source.  I may be getting a rain tank for my water.  A rain tank is just a big tank that collects rain water and it is usually hooked into the piping to give you water.  It’s also usually put up as high as the roof of the house so that gravity can push the water through the pipes.  It will be nice when it is all finished.  Hopefully they are coming back tomorrow to work on it.  I also have not gotten my stove back yet.  On Thursday we left it in Mbarara to get fixed and I don’t know if it is done yet.  Other than that site has been pretty good and I now figured out who my closest neighbors are.  I think Natalie is the closest.  I think she is a few kilometers done the road towards Kabale.  I’ll have to go see her site sometime before school begins.

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