Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 20, 2011 1:00 PM--New Bed

So today, while I was talking on the phone to my mom, the deputy headmistress of the school and one of the school maintenance men showed up at my back door with a mattress.  After talking to them for a minute I found out that they are giving me a mattress and they are going to bring me a bed later today or tomorrow.  That was really exciting because I was going to buy myself a new mattress and bed and now I don’t have to.  It is a bigger bed than the one I had but I don’t know if it is quite full size.  So I put my old bed and mattress in the empty room for when people come to visit and I now have my new mattress on the floor.

On another note, I found out the other day that they always start the term off with exams.  So next week the student will have exams all week.  This means I won’t start teaching until the week after next.  Although I will probably have work to do next week, I won’t be teaching next week.

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