Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 22, 2011 7:00 PM--I Have a Counterpart

I finally met my counterpart today!!  We had our beginning of term staff meeting, which was helpful and informative but, at points, it was painful.  It was supposed to start at 1:30 but it didn’t start til 2:30, which I kind of expected.  We had a break for lunch in the middle at about 4:00 (it was more like dinner for me).  The meeting lasted until a little after 6.  The length of it wasn’t really the worst of it, because I expected it to be long.  But at one point the secretary was reading the minutes from the previous meeting (the end of term meeting from last term) out loud for 45 minutes when we all had a printed copy of them.  He was reading them word for word with not additional comments.  Why!  Do they think that we can’t read!  We’re teachers. I think we are fully capable of reading them ourselves.  Someone suggested that we didn’t need to read them because not that much has really changed since the last meeting because the school was on break, but he was quickly shot down (I think it was the only thing in the entire meeting that was done quickly).  The funny thing is that I can’t really complain because the meeting was less than four hours and it was only one hour late.  By Ugandan standards, that’s pretty good.  In other news, I found out today that the school is coming up on its 30th anniversary this week.  Oddly enough, only one person noticed and mentioned it today.  But he did suggest that they slaughter two goats and have a celebration, which could be fun.  And after the meeting was all over, I was finally introduced to my counterpart.  She apparently lives in Mbarara, which is probably why I haven’t met her yet.  I was initially told that she was the head of the computer science department.  Although that is kind of true, the school doesn’t have a standalone computer science department.  It is actually part of their business department.  And she is, in fact, the only computer teacher, which doesn’t surprise me.  After talking to her for a few minutes, I figured out that it looks like I’m just taking some of her classes.  I don’t think there was more than one computer teacher before.  So we are going to wait for the timetable to be made and then decide which classes I’m going to take.  I don’t think we will split them evenly.  She will probably have more than me, but I guess for her it is better than teaching them all herself.  For now I have another week of lying low, because of exams.

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