Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011 4:30 PM--Teachers Strike

So the teachers finally went on strike today.  It was interesting because I was the only one teaching today.  At first I didn’t even know they went on strike until after my first class.  For the first two classes most of the students came to class and the rest of the students in the other classes were constantly being chased back to their classrooms even though they had nothing to do there.  For my last class, which wasn’t until after lunch, I don’t even think I had half the students so I left it up to them.  I asked if they wanted me to teach and they asked me to go over their exam.  After we went over the exam, I let them go.  Teaching while the teachers are on strike really isn’t that bad.  They don’t picket or anything like that.  So it’s not quite like crossing the picket line like you would do in a strike situation in the states.  They don’t even seem to care that I was teaching.  It was more that they didn’t quite understand why I wasn’t striking with them.  I don’t think some of them really realize that I’m a volunteer and not an employee.  It’s actually kind of funny how they strike here.  The teachers either stayed home or they came to school and did everything as normal except they didn’t teach.  They took tea and lunch as normal.  They were even grading their papers like normal.  The only thing that wasn’t done was teaching.

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