Monday, August 1, 2011

July 31, 2011 6:30 PM--Ugandan Little League

Baseball?  In Uganda?  This weekend I went to Nakirebe, which is between Mpigi and Kampala.  There is a little league baseball complex there.  We had the first annual JICA Peace Corps baseball weekend. 

A little background on baseball in Uganda…Some wealthy American built this facility so there could be a little league team here in Uganda.  Last year was the first time they ever went to the regional championship in Poland.  They are in the African/Middle Eastern region.  Needless to say there usually aren’t very many teams that go to the championship.  Last year they went but didn’t win.  But this year they went and they won, which should send them to the Little League World Series in the U.S..  This is a big deal because they would be the first African team to ever go to the Little League World Series.  Unfortunately, due to some discrepancy in some of their ages and lack of birth certificates, they were denied visas to the U.S.  But hopefully they will make it again next year and they will actually get to go to the Little League World Series.

I know all this because there is a film maker (who is actually from Philly) who is making a documentary about all of this called Opposite Field.  We got to watch the first cut this weekend, which was the entire story from last year, but he said he doesn’t think it is finished yet, because the story isn’t finished.

Jay (The film maker who made the documentary)

Anyway, this weekend was a lot of fun.  A lot of Peace Corps volunteers and JICA volunteers (Japanese volunteers) came together to play baseball and see and stay at the training complex built for the little league.  It was interesting because many of the JICA volunteers don’t speak English any better than Ugandans do, but it was so much different than just spending the weekend with Ugandans.  They were really awesome and we had a really good time.  Peace Corps lost the first game versus JICA on Friday, but we won against the Ugandans and then JICA on Saturday.  Overall, it was an awesome event and it was really different than anything else here.  Hopefully we will do it again next year.

There was no lack of Phillies representation at this event


  1. Make sure they all become Phillies fans Jen!

  2. I'm trying. I wear my Phillies t-shirt all the time but I don't think most people here care or notice.