Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012 8:30 AM

So my parents will be here in about 3 weeks (as long as my Dad gets his birth certificate and passport **fingers crossed**)!!  Then my vacation begins!  They will be here at the very end of my Mid-Service Conference.  We are going to Murchison Falls for a few days, then we fly to Tanzania and spend about 3 days in Zanzibar and after that we are flying to Madagascar where we are spending about a week.  This should be a lot of fun and it will be my first big trip since being here!

This is one of the biggest benefits in Peace Corps.  You get 2 vacation days for every month you serve (about 48 in total), so you can travel around.  This gives you a chance to explore the countries that are nearby (or even the ones that aren’t nearby) and a chance to go home to visit if you want.  Me, I prefer the former.  I don’t intend to go home for any reason, so I’m just gonna travel until every last vacation day is used.  So far, I’ve only been to Rwanda, but I have this trip planned with my parents in May and a few other perspective trips as well.  Hopefully, I’ll be meeting my mom in Tunisia for about 10 days in October (Happy 25th Birthday to Me!!) and then between December and January I hope to be travelling for almost a month.  If everything works out, I’ll be going to Dar es Salaam for Christmas and Zanzibar for New Years (yes, again) with a large group of people from my training group as one last hooray before we COS (Close of Service).  After that a smaller group of us are planning on going to Cape Town, where I’m hoping I have a couple of friends from home meet me.  And after Cape Town, I intend to go to Victoria Falls before heading back to Uganda whether anyone wants to come or not.  Now I’m just hoping all my plans work out.

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