Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Help Kinoni Girls Secondary School in Uganda!

Empowering the students of Kinoni Girls’ Secondary School to become computer literate and improving their chances for a brighter future is easy!
CLICK HERE to see the project page on the Peace Corps website and make your donation. 

The website for my computer lab grant project has been live for two weeks accepting donations, but WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I’m trying to do with this project, I would like to tell you more about it.

I have been teaching computer classes at Kinoni Girls’ Secondary School (Kinoni Girls’ S.S.) for over a year now.  Kinoni Girls’ S.S. has a fairly large computer lab space which has recently been furnished with new desks that can accommodate at least 30 computers.  Currently there are only 6 working computers in the lab – this is a problem because most class sizes exceed 40 students.  We are trying to raise funds to purchase an additional 20 computers for the classroom.  This is where we need your help!

Every dollar that is donated goes directly to purchasing computer.  None of the money is used for any kind of administrative costs and it doesn’t get lost anywhere between Peace Corps Washington and Kinoni Girls’ S.S.

Again, 100% of the proceeds go toward the purchase of new computers.

We need more computers for the students so that they have a chance to truly learn and develop the computer skills they need to succeed.  The entire project will cost 24 million shillings (about $9600).  The community will be providing 25% of this money or about 6 million shillings ($2400).  This money will come from various sources with the school, including the Old Girls Association (alumni) and students’ school fees.  But it is not enough – we still need to raise the other 75% of the funds.

Kinoni Girls S.S. is very dedicated and invested in this project.  Before this project was conceived, the computer lab was once the staff break room.  Since the proposal of this project, the school has been active in preparing this classroom space by having new desks made to accommodate new computers that they hope to get and turning it into a suitable place for the girls to learn.

Students are required to take computers during the first two years of secondary school.  Those students in their third or fourth year have the option to take computers, but very few of them actually do.  Computers is now also a requirement in Senior 5, which is the first year of Advanced Level.  Those is Senior 5 are required to take either Math or Computers as a subsidiary subject.  Most of these students have opted to take computers, giving us about 50 girls who are taking computers in Senior 5.

More computers are a necessity for Kinoni Girls’ S.S.  Having enough computers in the classroom will not only encourage more students to take computers voluntarily, but it will also greatly enhance learning in other classes which require the use of computers.  Computer skills are also necessary for those students who intend to go to University.  This project will allow the students to get much more practical time on the computers during their computers lessons and outside of class.  We also hope that having enough computers in the lab will help students achieve higher marks in their computer classes since they will be able to spend more time using the computers hands-on.

Additionally, if we get more computers in the lab, more teachers will incorporate computers into their everyday lessons and we will also be able to use the lab to help many of the teachers further their own computer education as well.

This project is sustainable because there are three computer teachers at Kinoni Girls’ S.S. who will maintain the lab and make sure it is continued to be used for empowering the students to  choose to take computers and to continue to teach other school staff members more about computers.

Empowering the students of Kinoni Girls’ S.S. to become computer literate and improving their chances for a brighter future is easy!  CLICK HERE to see the project page on the Peace Corps website and make your donation.  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or email me directly.  Remember, every dollar goes directly to buying computers for Kinoni Girls’ S.S. and no donation is too small!  Thank you for your generosity.

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