Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012 8:15 PM--Imagine

You may think as a Peace Corps volunteer I wouldn’t have interest in reading other volunteers blogs because I already experience these things myself.  Why would I need to read what other people have to say about being a Peace Corps volunteer when I’m experiencing it myself?  However, reality is quite the contrary.  Every volunteers experience is different.  I enjoy reading PCV blogs from volunteers in other countries as well as in Uganda.  The ones from other countries give me a perspective of what it is like to be a PCV in another country in Africa or another part of the world.  Every Peace Corps country is different.  And reading blogs from volunteers in Uganda are just as interesting.  Often I read the blogs of my friends or people I know.  Some of these people have had similar experiences to me and I enjoy reading their commentary on life here.  And some volunteers, especially those in different programs within Peace Corps or in different parts of Uganda, show me just how different things can really be in this country.

Now I don’t normally comment about or post other people’s blog posts on my blog because this blog is supposed to be about my thoughts and experiences.  However, a friend of mine wrote a blog post today that really struck me.  My friend Jacque is, like me, working at an all-girls secondary school, but her school is located between Lira and Gulu in Northern Uganda.  She is working with Peace Camp, which is a Peace Corps volunteer initiative.  It is a camp that is for the youth of Northern Uganda who were affected by the war that has greatly afflicted Northern Uganda’s most recent history.  Without further introduction, just read her post…Peace of Uganda: Imagine

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