Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012 11:10 AM—School-Based Training(SBT) Part 2

So after Camp Build ended, I came back to Mukono for another week of School-Based Training (SBT) with the trainees who arrived here in November.  This week was their second week of teaching practice (third week of SBT).  So every morning there were three lessons and each trainee would teach one lesson and observe their fellow trainees the other two lessons.  And then every afternoon they would have other non-school-related sessions, such as medical.  Yesterday was the last day of teaching and the last day we spent at Mukono High School.  Today all the trainees (secondary and primary) are having general sessions before heading off to their satellite trainings tomorrow.  Everyone from secondary travelled over to Shimoni PTC (Primary Teachers College) today.  This is where all of the people from the primary sector have been for the entirety of school-based training.  So we are all staying here tonight and then all the trainees will travel to their respective regions tomorrow.

It has been a good week overall.  Observing the trainees teaching has been exhausting, but I feel like they are all really getting the hang of teaching in Uganda and I think they are ready to move on with their training and their service.  Personally, I’m sad to go.  I’ve been living and working with these trainees now for two weeks.  Even some of the secondary trainees have pointed out that they have spent more time with me and the other volunteer trainers than they have with the people in their group in the primary sector.  It’s just kind of disappointing that many of these trainees will not be placed near me and I will be leaving this country shortly after they swear-in as volunteers.  But nonetheless, I’m proud to say that I think we have trained an awesome group of people to take over this education program in Peace Corps Uganda and if everything goes well I’ll be able to attend their swearing-in in Janurary!

Next step…South Africa on Monday!!!

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