Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9, 2013—Another Christmas Down in Africa (Part 6)

So I’m finally back at site after my massively long journey!  First things first…Ethiopia!

For the last leg of our Christmas vacation we flew from Dar to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  We only had about 4 days in Ethiopia so we stayed in the capital the whole time.  Nonetheless it was amazing!  Ethiopia is not like the rest of East Africa.  It is a place unto itself.  Ethiopia was one of the only countries in Africa that was never colonized by the Europeans, so it is very rich in its own culture.  However, it was occupied by the Italians (apparently the Italians weren't very good at taking over) so there is A LOT of really good Italian food in Ethiopia.  Another interesting fact…Christmas is celebrated in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church when most other Christian religions celebrate the Epiphany.  So this year I had 2 Christmases down in Africa!  Religion in Ethiopia seems to be a bigger thing than it does even here in Uganda, which is surprising because most of Uganda is very religious.  There was also a very strong Middle Eastern influence there and white people were not singled out nearly as much.  All in all, Ethiopia, from what I saw, seemed like an awesome place.

While we were there we took a very laid back approach.  We went to two different museums, The National Museum and The Ethnological Museum.  We saw Lucy, the oldest human remains ever found.  And we ate a lot of Ethiopian food and Italian food.

Bottom line…I think I have to go back to Ethiopia and do the whole Northern circuit to fully see what that country really has to offer.  This was just a small taste of what is there.

Now I’m back at site, but I’m only here for less than a week, because next week I’m going back to training.  I have to talk to the trainees about VAC (the Volunteer Action Committee) and I’m attending their swearing-in.  Before I know it I will know the date when I’m leaving this country seeing as my COS conference is in less than 2 weeks.  Things are about to get real!

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