Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013 9:00 AM—Imposters!

Every time I travel from my site to Kampala I have to first take a taxi to Mbarara and then a bus from there to Kampala.  So once I get to Mbarara I usually walk down to the bus park and find a bus.  There are many different bus companies that operate in or transit through Mbarara, so I have a lot of chooses.  However, anyone who’s been here for a while knows that the Swift Safari buses are the best.  They are the most reliable, the most frequent and the least likely to try to rip you off.  The only problem is that there are Swift Safari imposters.  The actual Swift Safari buses are white with red writing and they say “Swift Safari” on the side, but there are other buses that will be the same colors and they say “Safari Buses” or something similar on the side.  There are also bus conductors that will tell you their bus is the Swift bus even though it clearly isn’t.  They simply just pray on innocent, naïve people.

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