Monday, March 11, 2013

Snippets of Service—Recapping Two Years of Blogging: Google Search

About a year ago a friend of mine got me to link up my blog with a website called Stat Counter.  This website basically collects data and creates statistics about people reading your blog.  This information can be anything from where people are to what page led them to your blog.  With the help of this website I can (kind of) see who is looking at my blog and why.  Now if it tells me someone in Philadelphia was looking at a certain page, that doesn’t tell me much because I know so many people in Philadelphia who are probably looking at it.  However, if it tells me that someone on Drexel’s campus is looking at it, then it is narrows down a bit.

I can see that a lot of people look at my blog from all over the world.  Since I started blogging over two years ago, my blog has received over 14,000 pageviews.  I can also see (with the help of Stat Counter) that there are people from many different countries looking at it; people from India to Burkina Faso to Canada to Italy and many other countries in between.  I can also see the pages that have led them to my blog.  A lot of people link to my blog through Facebook.  This, to me, is obvious because I post all of my blog posts on Facebook.  Many others are led to it from Peace Corps Journals.  This is a website that compiles all blogs for all Peace Corps volunteers from all over the world.  This is also understandable because I know many future Peace Corps volunteers will go to this website to get an idea of what Peace Corps service is really like.  Even I go on there from time to time to read about other volunteers’ experiences.  I can also see those people who go to my blog directly with no referring link.  This means that these people know exactly what my blog’s URL is and they type it into their web browser to go there directly.

What I find most interesting about all of these statistics is the people who are led to my blog from a Google search.  With Stat Counter I can see not only that someone came upon my blog from a Google search, but I can also see what they were searching for.  So here is a list of some of the things that people are searching for when they stumble upon my blog.  Some of them make a lot of sense and some of them don’t, but I find it all interesting nonetheless.

1.) Snow in Africa
2.) Computers
3.) Luganda Language Lessons (My blog came up as the #6 search result on Google)
4.) Swiss Guard Vatican
5.) Pineapple Pie
6.) Uganglish (My blog came up as the #9 search result on Google)
7.) Nelson Mandela Prison
8.) Peace Corps Packing List Africa
9.) Girls Schools in Uganda
10.) Iglesia de Santa Maria in Cosmedin Roma
11.) Eurail Map 2013
12.) Virgin Mary’s House Turkey
13.) Snow Hotel Blogspot (My blog came up as the #261 search result on Google…I don’t see the connection)
14.) There Wont Be Snow in Africa Jen Harkins (My blog came up as the #1 search result on Google…Obviously)
15.) Uganda Shirt

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