Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snippets of Service—Recapping Two Years of Blogging: Vacation

If people have seen anything on my blog, they’ve probably seen me post about the trips I’ve taken since I’ve been here.  As far as volunteers go, I’ve travelled quite a bit within Uganda and outside Uganda as well.  You may wonder how I can manage to travel so much compared to other volunteers.  Well, that is partly because I’ve had so many visitors, partly because I didn’t go home at all in the past two years and partly because I did have some savings when I left the U.S.

Since I got here, my mom has been here twice, my dad has been here once and I had two friends come visit.  I also met my mom in Europe for another vacation during my service.  This alone has led to a lot of travelling and moving around.  I also never went home in 2 years.  Every volunteer gets 48 vacation days to use throughout there 2 years of service.  And many volunteers use quite a few days to take a trip back to the states.  It’s not usually worth going back unless you go for at least two weeks or longer.  So by not going home, I saved a lot of vacation days to use to travel.  I also had some money saved up from the job I had before Peace Corps.  Travelling in Africa is a lot cheaper than travelling elsewhere so I’ve been able to make this money go pretty far.

Here’s a recap of where I’ve been in the past two years:

In Uganda…

Mount Elgon National Park

Kibale Forest National Park



Outside Uganda…

South Africa (Cape Town, Cape Point and Johannesburg)

Italy (Rome and Sicily)

Croatia (Dubrovnik)

Greece (Corfu, Olympia, Santorini and Athens)

Turkey (Ephesus)

Next stop...Back to Europe!

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