Wednesday, April 10, 2013

“30 Sites and 30 Nights”—April 10, 2013 (Day 22)

Name: Kelsey Harkins

Age: 24

Home State: Ohio

What she did before Peace Corps: Finished her undergrad degree in engineering

Program Sector: Education

Number of months spent in Uganda: 26

Host Organization: Luzinga Secondary School

Site location: Luzinga Village, Kamuli District

Language spoken at her site: Lusoga

Kelsey is technically an extended volunteer. The rest of her group is COSing between last month and next month, but she is staying here for another year. She is working with Luzinga Secondary School where she is teaching chemistry. She was also one of the directors of National Camp Build back in December.
Kelsey teaching her Senior 5 class

Kelsey's favorite thing about her site is that she is in the village. She really likes that she can hide out and spend a lot of time by herself. Her biggest challenge at site is the safari ants. “They took over my house once.”

Kelsey does most of her shopping in Jinja. However she likes to do food shopping in the village on market day because everything is cheaper. “A bunch of sweet bananas is 600 shillings in the village. Jinja, it's 2000 shillings. Village prices are awesome.”

Everyone in her village likes going through her trash. So she often gives things away, because everyone wants things from the white girl. “That is the village.”


This morning I managed to leave Kristina's house at around 7:30 AM. I got to Hoima Town by 8 o'clock and I got on a bus. The bus was almost completely empty when I got on. There was only one other person on the bus, so I was the second person to get on. I knew this would take a while, but I got a little surprised. After waiting a little over two hours the bus actually left and it wasn't even full. So I actually had no one sitting next to me all the way to Kampala.

Taking transport in this country is sometimes like playing a game. The buses and taxi want everyone to think that their vehicle is the one that is leaving the soonest. So they will do things like leave the engine running while they're not going anywhere (for hours) or revving the engine to make you think they are leaving. Its only when you actually get on the one that leaves first that you win the game.

After arriving in Kampala I got another taxi out to Jinja where I was able to get a taxi out to Kelsey's site. When I got here Kelsey and me made dinner and then watched a movie. Tomorrow I'm going to go to class with Kelsey in the morning before heading out to Mary's site in the afternoon.

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