Tuesday, April 2, 2013

“30 Sites and 30 Nights”—April 2, 2013 (Day 14)

Name: Laura Meyer

Home Town: Chicago, Illinois

What she did before Peace Corps: Worked for Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Program Sector: Community Health

Number of months spent in Uganda: 20

Host Organization: Kuluva School of Comprehensive Nursing

Site location: Kuluva Trading Center, Arua District

Language spoken at her site: Lugbara

Laura's students in the computer lab
Laura is working with Kuluva School of Nursing as a computer teacher and she also does office administration at the nursing school. She is also one of the co-directors of Girl Tech, which is a professional development program for girls interested in science and math which will be held in Jinja in August for secondary school girls from all over Uganda.

Laura's favorite thing about her site is the location. Her trading center is 9 kilometers from Arua Town. She also likes that her house is close to school and the location of the school itself. “It is close to town but it is still very green and hilly.” She likes the fact that she can ride her bike to town. Her favorite moment at site was during the time period when she was teaching social psychology. She had one lesson on maternal deprivation and neglect and her students were very interested. They even came up to her after class and told her how much they enjoyed the class and that they learned a lot.

Laura's biggest challenge at site is the limited availability of the computer lab. The school uses the computer lab for other (non-computer) classes and for meetings as well. So she has found it difficult to work because she doesn't always have access to the resources she needs to teach her computer lessons.

Laura gets most of her food from Arua Town. She usually has to go to town for other things such as the ATM and the post office, so she will ride her bike to town and go to the local market there. She also enjoys the care packages she receives with American food in them.

Laura has running water and power in her house when they are both there. She is often without water for extended amounts of time, so someone from her school will take her jerry cans to the next village where they can fill them for her. She also has a beautiful view from her house. Her house is up on a hill and you can see down into the valley and all the way to the Congo.


Around 9 o'clock this morning I went out to Laura's site and when I first arrived she gave me a nice tour of the school and introduced me to many of the important people there, such as the principle. I came on a bit of an off day because there was a meeting being held in the computer lab and on top of that most of the students were having a seminar, so there weren't many people around when I was there. Nonetheless we stayed at her school for tea and we eventually made our way up the small hill to her house.

The view from Laura's house...looking from one country to the next!
At Laura's house she showed me her house and the amazing view she has from there and we sat and hung out for a while. Then we had lunch from there and finally went back down to school, where we were able to get a ride back to town. Once we got back in town I came back to Tom and Marcy's house and Laura went to do some shopping in town.

Tonight is my last night with Tom and Marcy. Tomorrow morning I will go out to Alex's site for a couple days before leaving Arua. It's been really great staying with Tom and Marcy. They are overly accommodating and their house is awesome. In the first place, it is a really nice house. It reminds me of a little summer bungalow with a cute little front porch and jalousie windows. Secondly, they have their house done up nice. It is like staying with people in America. Not to mention, the nursing school campus is really nice.

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