Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Austria (Part 2)

May 14, 2013 4:30 PM—Salzburg

I finally got to explore a city in the sunshine! It didn't rain today! And to say that Salzburg is charming is a total understatement. This has to be at the top of my list of favorite places in the world. Salzburg really is a unique town. This morning I took The Sound of Music tour, which may seem a bit cliché, but in fact it was totally worth it. Now the tour doesn't show you absolutely everything from the movie, because there were just too many scenes filmed here in Salzburg. On the other hand, the tour also gives you basic information about the city of Salzburg and the real Von Trapp Family. And as expected you get all the ins and outs of the movie, some trivia and some discrepancies. The tour was also a great choice because they take you all the way out to a small town called Mondsee to see a site from the movie. On the way, you also get to see many of the mountains and lakes that are what this region is known for. After the tour was over, I decided to try to find some additional film spots in town and I also went to find Mozart's house.

Mozart's House

Okay, now since I went on The Sound of Music tour today, I'm going to post some pictures and you can see if you can identify which scenes from the movie they are from. (The answers are at the bottom with more pictures)

#1 (We're starting off easy)





 #6 (Hint: related to #5)






 #12 (We're ending with the hardest one...one I don't think anyone will get)

Scroll down for the answers...

#1 is the gazebo that was supposedly in the garden of the Von Trapp Mansion.  It was seen both at the beginning of the movie ("16 going on 17") and at the end of the movie ("Something Good").  Fun fact: the scenes inside the gazebo at the beginning of the film were actually filmed in a larger version of this gazebo that was built specifically for the movie.

#2 is where Maria and the Captain are married in the movie.  This is a church in a small town called Mondsee, which is about 30 minutes from Salzburg.  In real life, the Captain married Maria in the Abbey.

#3 is Nonnberg Abbey.  The beginning of the movie was filmed here as well as some of the scenes at the end.  The real Maria Von Trapp actually was a postulate here back in the 1920s.

#4 is where scenes of the Von Trapp mansion garden were filmed, including the scene where Maria and the children fall out of the boat.  This is not, however, the mansion that is depicted as the Von Trapp Mansion in the movie.

#5 and #6 are both in Mirabell Garden.  This is where many of the scenes for the "Do re mi" sequence were filmed.

#7 is Mozartsteg (or Mozart's Bridge), which was also part of the "Do re mi" sequence when Maria and the children are on their way to the picnic.

#8 is a fountain in Residenzplatz where Maria stops momentarily when she is singing "I Have Confidence" on her way to the Von Trapp Mansion.

#9 is the Untersberg, which is a mountain close to Salzburg.  This is where the scenes from the very beginning of the movie were filmed as well as the final scene with the family hiking their way to Switzerland.  Fun fact: the family could not have possibly been hiking to Switzerland because on the other side of this mountain is Germany.  You can also take a cable car to the top of the mountain.  I was going to do this, but it got too late, it was too expensive and I was too tired.  So I decided not to.

#10 is the mansion that was used for all the outside shots of the Von Trapp mansion in the movie.  This is different from #4.  In some scenes they even had one side of the scene filmed in one place and the other side filmed in the other place.

#11 is close to #10.  It is where the children were climbing trees.

#12 is a picture of the town of St. Gilgen.  This was used during the opening sequence of the movie when they are showing various shots of different places in Austria.

Two final fun facts: Most Austrian have never actually seen "The Sound of Music" and 70% of Salzburg's economy is based around tourism.

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