Saturday, May 18, 2013

Italy (Part 2)

May 18, 2013 7:15 PM—Naples

My dad made it! Despite his lack of experience traveling, he did actually find his way all the way to our hostel in Naples yesterday.

This morning after we had breakfast, we decided to take the train to Pompeii, which is about 30 minutes from here. The ruins there are quite extensive and we spent about 3 hours wandering around. The entire ancient city was about 160 acres, but only 12 acres is available to the public. 12 acres was more than enough for us. It was awesome to see. You actually felt like you were walking through this ancient town that was desecrated about 2000 years ago when Mount Vesuvius erupted. You could see the clear streets and block, the basic structure of the city as well as being able to actually go inside some of the houses. Some of the houses even had old paintings that have survived for the last 2 millennia. These may not have been the most impressive ruins I've seen, but they were probably the most extensive. It was also pretty amazing nonetheless.

Dad in front of Mount Vesuvius

A cask of one of the bodies of someone that died when Vesuvius erupted

This was from the 1st century, right?

The Roman Amphitheater

Some of the wall paintings that have survived

Once we were done in Pompeii, we took the train back to Naples and got lunch. We went to a local pizza place and totally satisfied ourselves on some delicious pizza. After that we walked back to our hostel and took a nap. Today was pretty exhausting because there was a lot of walking involved and it was pretty sunny out all day. Now we are just spending the rest of the night relaxing and working on the crossword puzzle. Tomorrow we are staying here in Naples and hopefully going to the Archaeological Museum as well as seeing some of the other attractions here in town.

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