Sunday, May 19, 2013

Italy (Part 3)

May 19, 2013 7:30 PM—Naples

Today we had another day in Naples. We started off by going to mass at the Duomo, which is the cathedral here in Naples. It was nice to go to mass in the cathedral, but it was all in Italian. Luckily mass is the same (or at least similar) everywhere, so at least you can follow along. After mass we looked around the cathedral because it is a really pretty church.

After we were done at church we walked up to the archaeological museum. This museum was really good to go to after going to Pompeii. A lot of the artifacts that have been recovered from Pompeii have been taken out and put in this museum. So there were some things that we saw replicas of in Pompeii, but we got to see the really thing in the museum. One of the most interesting parts was we saw a lot of artifacts and mosaics that we knew were from one specific house that we had gone to. I feel like you often see things in museums, but you just can't place them in real life, but with these exhibits and our visit to Pompeii, we could.

Once we sufficiently exhausted the museum, we briefly came back to our hostel and then went to Castel Dell'ovo. This castle is on a rock that juts out into the water. It was free to go in and we got some really pretty views of the sea from there. After seeing the castle, we returned to our hostel where are just relaxing for the rest of the day.

In the end, I don't know how much I really liked Naples. I liked the sites we saw and I really liked going to Pompeii, but Naples itself is just a dirty little town. There seems to be graffiti everywhere and there is often garbage in the streets. I really had high hopes for this place, but I was a little disappointed.

Tomorrow we are taking the train to Ancona, which is a town on the Adriatic coast of Italy. From there were are getting the night ferry to Split, Croatia. After we arrive in Split on Tuesday morning, we are taking another train to Zagreb, which is the capital of Croatia. So it's gonna be a long couple days...

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