Thursday, May 16, 2013


May 16, 2013 6:00 PM—Verona

Today I'm in Verona. I left Innsbruck this morning and took the train to Verona. Now, Verona decided to step it up a notch with the weather. Not only is it raining here, it was also really windy today. So when I have to carry my umbrella, I had to also make sure it didn't blow inside out. When I first arrived here I was going to take the bus to my hostel, so I went outside the train station and found the bus stop. As I stood there getting sufficiently wet, I watched many buses go past. I think I must have seen ever bus go by at least twice, but there was no sign of the bus I needed, despite the fact that I was at the right stop. So I had a moment of weakness and I gave in...I took a taxi to my hostel. To me this is an epic fail. First of all, I usually prefer to take the bus and secondly, taking a cab is kind of cheating in a way. You're not really experiencing the city in the way I feel like you should. However, today was special circumstances. My bus was nowhere to be seen and with all the wind even an umbrella couldn't protect me in the rain. I mostly just didn't want to arrive with all my clothes and my electronics completely soaked.

Once I arrived at my hostel, which this time is more of a bed and breakfast, I checked in and got settled. This place is really cute. I have my own room and I actually think there are only about 3 rooms here. My room even has a TV (although I only found one channel in English and it soon changed back to Italian).

After I put down my stuff and gathered my thoughts, I set out to see the city. I first went to the Verona Arena, which is a Roman Amphitheater. I didn't actually go in, but I sat across the piazza and had lunch at a small cafe. After lunch I went to find Juliet's house. I got really lost and ended up wandering for a while. When I finally found it, I was a little disappointed. It was massively crowded especially with school groups. And with all the umbrellas everywhere it made it difficult to get around. Not to mention the fact that there weren't even letters on the wall! I don't know if this may have just been because of all the rain or if this is just a myth about leaving letters for Juliet. Either way it was a bit of a bummer.  I think I may have come to Verona on a bad day.

Since I spent a couple hours wandering the city, I was sufficiently exhausted and I returned to my hostel for the night. Tomorrow I'm leaving here in the morning and heading to Naples. I think it will take me almost 5 hours to get there, but when I get there I'm meeting my dad!

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