Thursday, May 2, 2013

Portugal (Part 2)

May 2, 2013 5:00 PM—Lisbon

Early this morning we had to leave Faro at 7 AM on the train to Lisbon. Luckily, because we left so early, we got to Lisbon at around 10 AM and we had the whole day ahead of us. Out first stop was to our hostel to drop off our bags and find out when we could get into our rooms. For the next 2 nights we are literally sleeping in the Rossio Train Station! I don't mean we don't have a place to stay, but our hostel is actually in this train station. It is actually really amazing. It isn't even noisy. Again, another good choose.

Rossio Train Station

Once we dropped our bags, we took off in search of food and some adventure. We ended up getting lunch at this awesome little sandwich shop that looked like a Paneera Bread. We eat got a sandwich, soup and strawberry juice for only €5. After eating and getting a little energy, we took off to see the town. We walked all the way down to the water. From there you can see one of the bridges (which looks like the Golden Gate Bridge) and the Cristo Rei (which looks like the Christ the Redeemer statue). From there we started to walk up hill to the Cathedral of Lisbon (aka Sé). From there went even higher to the Castelo de São Jorge. In the castle we had the opportunity to view the city through a periscope. So we got a whole 360º view of the city from the periscope with an explanation of many of the different landmarks.

Cristo Rei

The Cathedral

Castelo de Sao Jorge

After touring around for a bit we realized that it was late enough that we could check into our hostel, so we made our way back. Now we are just hanging out and later we are going to try the dinner that our hostel offers every night at 8. It is supposed to include 4 courses and wine for €8, so we have high hopes. Tomorrow morning we plan on taking the free city tour also offered by the hostel and then we'll probably play the rest of the day by ear.

So far, Lisbon is amazing! It reminds me of San Francisco and so far we've been having a great time. Tomorrow's another day!  

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