Wednesday, May 1, 2013


May 1, 2013 4:00 PM—Faro, Portugal

Yesterday I took a bus from Seville to Faro. There are no direct trains that cross the border at that point so the bus was the most direct. It was a very comfortable bus and it only took a few hours. So I left Seville at around 4 and with the time difference I arrived in Faro at around 6:15.

When I got here I came to my hostel to meet up with Matt and Jill. Last night we just chilled out and then this morning we went out exploring. First we got breakfast right by the marina and then we took a ferry to a place called Ilha Deserta, which is an isle off the coast with a really nice beach. We were all pretty disappointed by the fact that it was somewhat cold and cloudy. We didn't actually sit on the beach, but we walked all along the boardwalk on one side of the island and then we walked back up the beach on the other side. Once we felt like we saw the whole island we had a snack at the little restaurant on the island before taking the next ferry back to the mainland.

The Ferry

Once back on the mainland, we decided to walk through the old town. We even went in the cathedral. Compared to many other cathedrals in Europe, this one was pretty small, but no less spectacular. We even walked all the way up the tower to get a good view.

Inside the cathedral

The view from the top of the cathedral

After touring around a bit we came back to out hostel to chill out for a while before going to get dinner. Later we are going to get some food and search for an ATM. After that I'm not sure of our plan. Tomorrow morning we have to leave here very early to get the train to Lisbon. Luckily we have the better part of 3 days in Lisbon. Maybe we'll find a beach there as well as some nicer weather.

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