Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Belgium (Part 2)

June 18, 2013 9:40 PM—Bruges

Today we saw Bruges and we also saw something that was really uncommon since I started this trip...really nice weather. It was probably almost 80 degrees today and sunny, which was awesome! We started off our day with none other than Belgium waffles. After eating we went to see the Basilica of the Holy Blood. This supposedly used to hold a cloth with Jesus' blood on it, which is now in the basilica museum.

After the Basilica we went to a couple unusual museums. The first was called Choco-Story and it was all about chocolate. They went through everything from the history of chocolate to how it was made. The second museum was called Frietmuseum, which is a museum unlike any other. It is dedicated to potatoes and more specifically French fries (or as the Belgian's prefer calling them Belgian fries). After seeing this museum, we just had to partake in some fries.

When we were done in the museums we decided to take have an intermission in our day, where we returned to our hostel and took a nap. After sleeping for a while we went back out and saw the Church of Our Lady. Unfortunately this one was under some kind of renovations or constructions, so we didn't get to see too much.

We ended our day with some people watching in the market square, before we got some food and returning to our hostel again. I really liked Bruges. It really is a gem of a little town. The architecture is quite different from the rest of Europe and everything in town was so conveniently located. Tomorrow we are traveling to Amsterdam and we can see what they have to offer, but if my forecast is correct, the biggest thing they will be giving us is some more rain.

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