Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cologne, Germany (Part 2)

June 11, 2013 6:45 PM—Cologne

What a great town Cologne is. There isn't a whole lot here, but for some reason I really like it here. This morning we went to the Cologne Cathedral, which is the most visited tourist attractions and the third tallest cathedral in the world. After we looked around inside the church we then went to climb the bell tower. There are 509 steps to the top with no elevator and there are 11 bells in the tower. From the top you can get a good view of the city.

After our hike to the top of the tower and back, we went into the cathedral treasury. Because the cathedral is the center of the archdiocese they have quite a few treasures, such as chalices and septors some as much as 600 hundred years old. The treasury also holds many relics, but none as important or as prominent as the ones that make this church so important, the Shrine of the Magi. The Shrine of the Magi is supposed to hold relics from the three wise men. These relics alone are the main reason that many Catholics will make a pilgrimage to the Cologne Cathedral.

The Shrine of the Magi

Once we were done discovering all the different things that are held in the treasury, we went across the Hohenzollern Bridge. This bridge is a train and foot bridge. In fact, it is the most heavily used rail bridge in Germany. In is also quite interesting because since 2008 people have been leaving pad locks on the bridge. They call them love locks because couples usually put their names on them sometimes with a heart or something similar.

Tonight we are planning on going back out to see what the city looks like all lit up at night, especially the cathedral. Then tomorrow we are leaving Cologne and going to the country of Luxembourg, whose capital is none other than...Luxembourg City.

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