Monday, June 10, 2013

Cologne, Germany

June 10, 2013 7:15 PM—Cologne

Today we traveled from Copenhagen to Cologne. To get here we had to switch trains in Hamburg and we had an interesting time getting to there. We left Copenhagen on the train bound for Hamburg. It was supposed to be about 4 and a half hours. At about 2 and a half hours in we heard an announcement saying that we needed to get off the train but we could leave our bags. When they said this in English it was a little hard to hear so we just followed the crowd and got off the train. It turns out that they drove the train onto a ferry to cross over to Germany and we could go upstairs in the ferry. They actually took the train and all the people on the ferry! So we went upstairs and looked around. It was probably the nicest ferry we've been on so far. There were at least 4 different food vendors, one of which looked like an actual restaurant. There were also at least two different stores, one of them sold everything from perfume to toys and candy. After about 45 minutes, we went back down to the car park and got back on the train to continue our trip. All of this just blew my mind. Otherwise our travel day was pretty uneventful.

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