Saturday, June 29, 2013


June 29, 2013 8:30 PM—Dublin

As much as I loved Northern Ireland and Portrush, I had to leave there this morning. I took three trains to get all the way to Dublin and then I hit the city. This afternoon was really the only time I had to see Dublin, so I saw what I could.

I started off at the Guinness Storehouse, which is the most visited tourist attraction in all of Ireland. Personally, I thought it was a bit overrated. It was way too touristy and I didn't actually feel like you got a good feel for how they make the beer. They also offered free audio guides but only if you were a non-English speaker. So if you speak English, you don't get an audio tour, which I thought was kind of cheap. They also portrayed the place as being so big, trying to make you feel like you were getting so much for your money, by stretching everything out over 7 floors. But in fact, one of those floors doesn't have anything on it and some of the other floors have very minimal displays. I know I'm not much of a Guinness fan, but the way people rave about this place, I would have expected so much more. I've been on much better brewery tours.

After being let down by Guinness and feeling like I wasted some of my minimal time in Dublin, I made my way over to St. Patrick's Cathedral. I apparently arrived at just the right time, because there was a guided tour starting as I walked in. The tour took about an hour and it was really interesting. This church is not only well known for the legacy of St. Patrick, it is also known for Johnathan Swift, the writer of Gulliver's Travels. He was the Dean of the cathedral for a long time. This cathedral was really interesting with many little architectural corks.

After the tour finished, I walked down the street to the other large cathedral in Dublin, Christ Church. This one wasn't quite as interesting, but as far as churches go, it was pretty good. Unfortunately, at this point I was pretty exhausted, so I returned to my hostel and took a nap.

Tomorrow I'll be heading down to Cork for the day. I'm planning on seeing Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone. I can't say whether or not I may kiss the Blarney Stone (honestly, that just sounds a little gross), but I want to go see it nonetheless. Considering that Cork is almost 3 hours from here, this is probably going to be an all day affair. Then tomorrow night I'm back in Dublin.

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