Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mount St. Michel

June 16, 2013 7:30 PM—Bayeux

This morning we got up early and drove about 1 and a half hours south of here to Mount St. Michel. Mount St. Michel is a rock island just off the coast that an abbey was built on in the 13th century and later a small town formed around it. This place is really a site to see. It is also such an amazing site because there is literally nothing else around it. It is in the middle of nowhere.

So we got there just before 9 AM and we got some breakfast before we went out to the island. Once on the island, we hiked to the top where the abbey is and toured around the abbey. Apparently the abbey workers were on strike so we got in for free. After we took our time touring around both the abbey and the town, we left the island at about 4:30 PM.

After we drove back to Bayeux, we decided to go into town and see the cathedral, mostly just because it was so big you could see it from outside town. Not only is it huge, but it is old. It was built in 1077.

Tomorrow we are off to Belgium for a couple days and then Amsterdam is after that. After Amsterdam, Dad is going home, but my trip isn't over yet!

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