Tuesday, June 25, 2013

UK (Part 4)

June 25, 2013 6:45 PM—Liverpool

I spent most of today in Manchester. I started off the morning with Old Trafford, which is the home of Manchester United FC. I was scheduled to take a tour of Old Trafford at 10 AM and it was suggested that you arrive an hour and a half before the tour. So first I went to the train station and left my backpack there, so I didn't have to carry it all day and then I made my way to Old Trafford. When I arrived I found out that despite the fact that they tell you to get there an hour and a half before your scheduled tour, they don't actually open at all until 9:30. So when I got there at 8:50 I had to wait for them to open. Then at 9:30 I started to look through the museum. And finally I took my tour of the stadium at 10 o'clock after which I finished exploring the museum.

Now unfortunately I'm not a Manchester United fan, but I love stadiums, so I went anyway. This museum and stadium are interesting whether you are a fan or not, but I think it is a lot more interesting if you are a fan. Personally, if I were to pick a side, I'd say I was a Chelsea fan (I was smart enough not to wear my Chelsea jersey today however I did consider it). I think it is all too easy to be a fan of Man U. It's like being a Yankees fan. It's easy to be faithful to a team that always seems to be near the top (if not on the top). It's the people who are fans of the consistently losing teams that are the real die hards.

So after touring the stadium and the museum, I left Old Trafford and went back to the center of Manchester. When I got back I found a place to have lunch and I ate. After lunch I still had some time before my train so I went to see Manchester Cathedral. From the outside, it looked pretty nice. Unfortunately, I was unable to go in because it was being renovated. So at that point, I decided to just go and wait for my train. By the time I got to the station and picked up my ticket and my bag, it was almost time to go anyway.

Now I'm in Liverpool and I plan to tour around here tomorrow. Then tomorrow night I'm taking yet another ferry. This one is from Liverpool to Belfast. It is the last ferry I'm taking on this trip (really how many more can I take...I have less than a week left). Once I get to Belfast, I'm going to take a train up to the northern coast. I know I'm nearing the end, but I'm not packing it in yet.

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