Saturday, June 22, 2013


June 22, 2013 8:30 PM—Newcastle

I feel like I've done way too much in the last 2 days. Yesterday I left Amsterdam and traveled 45 minutes from the city center to the ferry port. I eventually boarded the ferry at about 5:00 PM. When I first got on board I wandered around the ship to see what they had to offer. This was the best ferry yet. There were 4 bars, 3 restaurants, a cafe, a casino, and a huge shop. Unfortunately, when we started moving we had strong winds and the ship was really rocking, so I decided to go back to my room and sleep for a little bit. I ended up taking some sea sick medicine and I hit my pillow hard, because I didn't wake up until after 10 PM (I slept for almost 5 hours). When I got up, I went to the cafe and had a sandwich. After eating I was going to go back to my room, but I was drawn in by a singer in one of the bars. So I ended up going in and watching for a little bit, before returning to my room. Nonetheless, the ferry arrived in Newcastle at around 9 AM local time.

Once I got through customs, I took the bus from the port to the central train station. My plan was to leave my backpack in a locker before heading out of town to Hexham, but I was unable to find anywhere to leave my bag and the train was soon to leave, so I just took it with me. I figured that at least it wasn't that heavy because I gave dad a lot of stuff to take home for me. When I arrived in Hexham I went to the tourist information center where the women working there couldn't have possibly been more helpful. The one woman helped me plan my whole day and then on top of it she let me leave my backpack in the tourist office while I carried out my day.

So I was going to take the bus out to part of Hadrian's Wall where there was a Roman Fort, but I had about 45 minutes to kill before the bus left. I started by taking the suggestion of the tourist office woman and I went to the nearby supermarket and I got a little something to eat. After eating I went to see what this little town had to offer. It turns out that there was a huge abbey in town, so I went to check it out. Unfortunately I started to run out of time, so after I saw the abbey I returned to the bus stop.

Hadrian's Wall was begun in 122 AD. It was put up by the Romans as a fortification to protect England from the Scottish. Now the bus took me to Housestead, where there was a Roman Fort that you could pay to go in to. If I had had more time I might have gone in, but I only had a few hours, so I decided to just walk along the wall. The tourist office woman told me there was a tree along the wall about an hour from Housestead. This tree was used in the filming of “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”. Unfortunately, I don't think I went far enough, so I never got to see it. I might have kept going if I had more time and/or if it wasn't so windy. As it was, I walked out about an hour before turning around. Hadrian's Wall is really something to see. There is nothing else out there. There are just fields and meadows for as far as you can see. The scenery is beautiful!

When I returned to Housestead I got the bus back to Hexham, where I got my bag and got the train back to Newcastle. Upon arriving in Newcastle, I took the subway and the bus to get to my hotel. My hotel for tonight is a Marriott in Gosforth Park, which is just north of Newcastle city center. This is probably the nicest place I've stayed so far, but unfortunately I have to leave here tomorrow. In the morning I'm off to York!

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