Sunday, March 12, 2017

I Keep Hustlin'

I have a theory that if you want more money in your bank account, you either have to make more or spend less.  Since I'm not willing to give up too many aspects of my current lifestyle, I usually opt for making more.  I'm always trying to find new ways to earn a buck on the side.  I make a decent wage at my 9-5 job, but I could always find uses for more money.

I've been hearing the phrase "side hustle" more and more these days.  A side hustle is something other than your main job that makes you money.  I currently have at least a couple of these going on and I'm constantly looking for more.

The first side hustle that I got into was renting my car.  To many people this probably sounds crazy, but to me it was something I wished was possible long before I found a service that does it.  Many city dwellers don't use their cars on a daily basis, leaving them unused most of the time.  This is a pretty wasteful habit, if you ask me.  Last October, I started renting my car through a service called Getaround.  Getaround allows you to rent your car when you aren't using it, but still block out whatever time you need for yourself.  This type of side hustle takes a bit of faith and can be risky because Getaround charges $99 to have their system installed in your car so users can unlock your car with their phone and so Getaround can GPS track the car.  They also charge $20 a month to maintain the system they installed.  In addition, they keep 40% of your profits.  This may sound like a lot to overcome, but so far I'm convinced.  For me it started out slow, but lately I've been making over $300 per month and using my car as much as I want (which I'll admit isn't that much).  And, in fact, this is for my old dinged up 2005 Toyota Corolla.  I suspect a nicer newer car would make even more money.

The other main side hustle I have going on at the moment is dog walking.  It sounds simple and obvious, but I don't believe regular dog walking is an easy gig for someone with a day job to get or to maintain.  On the other hand, I walk for a service called Wag!  It is basically the Uber of dog walking.  When owner's need their dog walked, I get a notification on my phone and I can either request or decline it.  If I don't take it, someone else will.  And Wag! only sends me dogs that are near where I am.  Plus I can walk as much or as little as I want.  For example, I've been pretty busy lately and I've only been walking about one dog a week, but the last few weeks I haven't done any walks.  This is no problem.  Walking for Wag! also requires a lot less risk and cost because you only have to pay $25 towards your background check to become a walker.  However, they generally only accept walkers who have some kind of experience with dogs.

Although those are my two main side hustles, I'm constantly looking for new opportunities.  My dad thinks I'm going to be a millionaire someday and I always tell him that that's the plan.  Someone told me recently that most millionaires don't have less than seven sources of income.  I'll get there eventually.  I'm not even thirty yet, so I have time.  For now, I'll just keep hustlin'!

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