Sunday, August 6, 2017

Europe? Have I Been There?

I typically find it easiest to describe how much I have traveled by talking about how many countries I've been to. Although this isn’t the best gauge for how far one’s travels has taken them, it's one of the easiest measurements that I can come up with. That being said, when it comes to Europe, lately it's become easier for me to explain where I haven’t yet been, because the number of European countries that I have been to now exceeds the number of countries I haven't been to. So far, I've been to 28 European countries, but it seems easier to say that I haven't been to 19.

I think I can safely say that I've seen a larger percentage of Europe than I have of any other continent (including North America…my home). And it's not like I've been to all of these countries just once or I've only been to one city or town. Some of these countries I've been to two, three, or even four times! In most of them, I've traveled quite extensively, visiting at least two or three cities or towns. In only 12 of them have I only been to one place, but many of these are the smaller countries that don't consist of much more than one main city. In four countries, I've only been to two places. Leaving me with 12 countries where I've been to three or more places. When I go somewhere, I really like to see it!

In many ways I feel as if I've conquered Europe. When I look to travel, I often look to places other than Europe yet, I still sometimes seek the places I haven't been in Europe. I guess you could say that Europe is not only a continent that I have very much experienced, but I also very much enjoy it. I don't think I'll stop visiting Europe until I hit country number 47 and even then, I may still keep going back.

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