About Me

I established this blog in 2010 when I received my invitation to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda.  I continued writing throughout my time in Uganda between February 2011 and April 2013.  Upon finishing my service, I took the long way back and I traveled throughout Europe for two and a half months before returning to my hometown of Philadelphia.  In August 2013, I moved to Washington DC where I began graduate school at American University studying International Economic Relations.  Now that I've graduated, I find myself in a different kind of service to my country.

I will always be a lifetime traveler and adventurer.  I think it is something you are born with.  When I lived in Uganda, I felt that I was fully immersed in the culture and I learned as much as I could about it.  And now that I'm living in DC I find myself yearning for that cultural immersion again.  So I guess you could say I'm immersing myself in the DC culture as much as I can.

Once you become a Peace Corps Volunteer, you will always be one.  It changes your perspective on the world.  So, from now on, my location may change, but my understanding of the world around me never will.  This blog is no longer about a current Peace Corps Volunteer.  Instead, it is now following the adventures and experiences of a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.