Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 28, 2011 10:10 PM

Today was quite a day.  It started with my host mom not having breakfast anywhere near on time.  So when Andrew (another PCT who lives up the road) arrived, breakfast hadn’t even been started.  I didn’t mind, but my host mom would not let me leave without eating something.  I ended up taking some bananas and pineapple with me and eating while we walked.  In the end she felt really bad and I think breakfast will be more timely tomorrow.

This morning at training we had a homestay processing and language lesson before lunch and after lunch we went to our schools to start our school-based training.  My school is Kings Way High School.  The rode we take to get there is like a roller coaster so Emma (our Peace Corps driver) takes us there and picks us up every time.  The view from up there is amazing.  Dan (one of our PCV trainers) is assigned to go with us.  I felt bad after talking to Dan about school based training and he was telling me how much work they put into trying to make school-based training a really good experience, but you never know when things might not work out and they don’t go as planned.

Being at the school was really cool.  We met with the head master then he introduced us to the teachers.  I’m getting to work with a computer teacher and because of the schedule, I will probably also work with a couple math teachers.  Math is my second subject, so I could end up with that.  After meeting with the teachers briefly we got a tour of the campus.  It is mostly a boarding school, so we got to see the dorms as well as the classrooms and labs.  The computer lab is pretty good.  It has about 20 computers and they said they all work.  After the tour, we introduced ourselves to the student body at an assembly.

It was interesting because today was the first time I’ve heard Dan speak in his Uganglish accent.  Most PCVs adopt a Uganglish accent (which means they speak slower and a little bit different) because otherwise they are not understood by the Ugandans.  Dan has been here 3 years and he is really good at his accent.  It seems strange because it sounds so deliberate and almost condescending.  But, in fact, it is not deliberate.  By the end of the day he was talking to us a little bit in the accent.

I feel like things here keep getting better and better and I’m really excited to sit-in on these class sessions this week.

This evening, once back at my homestay, the girl who lives here told me we have a visitor.  It actually wasn’t a visitor exactly, but it was my host mom’s other son.  He was out in the village but he is back now.  He likes to talk a lot and he enjoyed comparing the U.S. and Uganda with me.  My host mom showed me today how she washes dishes and I told her about dishwashers and she was a little amazed.  Everyone in the family is helpful in learning the language, Runyankore.  I get my language teacher tomorrow.

For now, things couldn’t be better.

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