Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 24, 2011 7:00 PM--Mail Call

I went into Mbarara today to get my packages from the post office.  Apparently, I didn’t have 5 packages…instead I had 9!  Naturally 8 of them were from my mom and 1 was from mom-mom.  I think I now have enough snack food to last me a life time.  Some of the more exciting things were dish towels and pot holders (Ugandans don’t understand a need for pot holders), newspaper articles (all of them about the Phillies no doubt), a Time magazine (of course it is from over a month ago, but I don’t care), more crossword puzzles from the Inquirer, a giraffe shower curtain and liner (although I don’t have a shower where I need a shower curtain, I hung them both as curtains in my living room, a giraffe clock (which, at the moment, doesn’t work, but I’m working on fixing it…**fingers crossed**) and a Phillies stuffed monkey (because my mom is always on the hunt for the craziest most awesome things to send).  So thanks for the packages.  And just as an FYI, we think that I’ve actually gotten almost all of my mail.  If you sent something to the Kampala address, odds are it is sitting in the Peace Corps office waiting for me to go back for IST to get it.  So don’t hesitate to send things (letters, padded envelopes, packages, whatever you want).

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  1. hey!

    i was wondering... ill be going to uganda in aug =). How do your parents send mail/packages? Do they do it via usps? or another carrier? do you know if they use the flat rate box (its like $60 ish?) or just mail it all out?

    id appreciate any advice =)

    tiffany (